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Smart represents the perfect example of the qualities of a great dive computer. Perfectly set display, with clear and clearly visible characters, ergonomic profile with two buttons that allow very simple navigation. "Smart" is the most "intelligent" dive computer on the market.

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The Smart dive computer has a perfectly clear display and an exemplary design. Extremely complete and ergonomic, it is also suitable for multi-gas and free diving.
On the surface it is possible to adjust the nitrox settings, or view the logbook in a simple and immediate way.
Underwater, however, Smart allows you to alternate the depth information (represented on the top line), absolutely independently of the complementary information, displayed in the bottom line. The central line is instead dedicated to information relating to the decompression status.
The buttons have been repositioned to the side, favoring a truly compact and ergonomic profile and providing immediate performance. The upper right button manages the maximum depth, average depth and maximum depth the gas can reach data.
The lower right button, however, adjusts the field next to the dive time, providing the temperature, oxygen percentage, CNS, time of day and stopwatch each time.
A timeout of 4 seconds is reserved for the time of day, after which the dive time is displayed again, to ensure safety.
The battery has a guaranteed autonomy of 2/3 years (depending on the dives), and can be easily replaced by the user independently, without resorting to any technical support.
Equipped with a two-tone black/white and black/grey strap.
The main features of the Smart diving computer are:

• Super clear and sharp display
• Perfectly ergonomic and easy to use
• Versatile for multi-gas and free diving


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