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XTREME 3/8 jacket/watertight hose - quick connection

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The Xtreme series tube was developed in cooperation with diving experts to offer high performance when diving. A team of Miflex 2 technicians analyzed the weak points of the low pressure hoses currently used, developing decidedly innovative solutions, which led to the birth of the Xtreme series. Xtreme hoses feature an external nylon braid designed to resist abrasion.
The patented double braid system also guarantees protection against UV rays, ensuring further safety against aging. Contrary to traditional hoses, the nylon braid of the Xtreme hose is not fitted, but is braided directly onto the hose and fixed to it using stainless steel or brass bushes. The result is high performance and durability in extreme situations. If you tie a knot on the Xtreme hose the air flow remains continuous. The Xtreme hose also achieves burst pressures of more than double that of traditional hose. The nylon braid that covers it, in addition to guaranteeing excellent resistance to abrasion, helps to reduce any losses in emergency situations, thanks to the natural tendency to close the holes, which characterizes tracing subjected to pressure. Production is entrusted to fully automatic lines designed and built internally, in the design of which great importance was given to quality controls, which are carried out automatically on 100% of production. The most sophisticated lines can carry out more than 30 checks on every single tube. All non-compliant products are automatically rejected from the same production line.


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