xDEEP Ghost is the innovative flotation system that is light, compact, robust and with an unrivaled buoyancy. It weighs only 2.3 kg!

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GHOST Wing System : Weighs only 2.3kg complete with backplate! Yes, you read that right, only 2.3Kg!
This is not the usual traditional BC, xDEEP GHOST is a system composed of a rigid backplate in aerospace alloy, rigid webbing with metal D-Ring and rear bag/wing in Cordura ®1100 dTex all in just 2.3Kg! From today your air travel will be more relaxed and you will no longer have to worry about exceeding the maximum weight allowed by the airlines. You can decide to carry out technical dives even in tropical seas with your GHOST Wing System .

50% lighter, robust and compact
When designing the GHOST trim system we faced a difficult task: our goal was to create a system composed of an extremely lightweight rear backplate/backplate without compromising strength and comfort. We have used the most innovative and light materials, but at the same time very resistant. All this has allowed us to create a system that is much lighter than traditional BCDs on the market, but very robust and long-lasting.

We used a strong alloy that is used in the aerospace industry. It ensures unrivaled weight.

The bag is made with the most robust and long-lasting CORDURA® 1100 dTEX covered with 0.215 mm thick TPU. The type of material provides resistance to breakage and abrasion comparable to double bag systems.

The extremely low weight of the GHOST system allows us to still use 6mm metal D-Rings as they are more robust than aluminum and plastic. Compact and Hydrodynamic: "Disappears when submerged" Less friction, less fatigue, less gas consumption! Greater hydrodynamics, more fun, longer dives. When diving with a single tank, there is nothing more important than being hydrodynamic. You're on holiday, you just need to relax and enjoy! The GHOST system was designed with perfect geometry, reducing friction in the water to an absolute minimum, saving gas and improving buoyancy.

Lightweight, but not at any cost!
For us comfort is the most important thing. An unprecedented anatomical harness system called Next Generation Harness combined with soft padded 3D Mesh panels combine extremely high diving comfort. The perfect geometry associated with an optimal buoyancy and posture ensure an absolutely vertical position on the surface, while waiting for the boat to recover you at the end of the dive. Unlike other buoyancy systems on the market, the GHOST system does not "push" you face forward when you are on the surface.

Try XDEEP GHOST in the water! Only then will you be able to understand how it works!

Stop banging your head against the first stage of the regulator!
How many times during your dives does the first stage of the regulator touch your head? Many divers lower the tank to solve this problem, but with this solution they worsen the buoyancy and position of the body in the water. GHOST is the only trim system on the market that allows you to adjust both the position of the tank and the bag, adjusting it according to your height. This simple but effective adjustment allows you to increase comfort and fun in the water. You will be able to move your head without limitations and really enjoy your dives.

Perfect adjustment!
Easier to put on and take off! We decided to keep a single harness without fastex. With our Next Generation Harness we have managed to maintain easy and safe donning and doffing. You may wonder how we did it? In a very creative way! When the waist belt is open, the shoulder straps loosen, allowing you to remove the GHOST system easily. When you close the waist belt, the shoulder straps are tightened and the GHOST system adapts perfectly to your body.

Perfect trim when immersed.
Haven't you ever wondered why technical divers use the back bag/wing system instead of the classic BCD/BCD? The answer is simple: The horizontal position is more comfortable, safer and more hydrodynamic. The bag/wing ensures better buoyancy when submerged compared to the old BCD/BCD jackets with traditional inflation. Even though GHOST is a recreational system, we have been working on perfecting its geometry for over two years. It has been designed in such a way that every diver is able to have an optimal buoyancy and a perfectly horizontal trim, in a simple and safe way.

Choose the optimal Backplate size!
"One size ?" - To be honest, it is not possible to design a backplate that is universal in size and yet comfortable for divers of all heights without some limitations or compromises. Our Next Generation Harness is now available in two sizes: SMALL for divers shorter than 175cm and LARGE for those divers taller than 175cm.

REVOLUTIONARY: in every detail!
Connection with the completely redesigned bag. The classic elbow shape, used by traditional bags, prevents the connection from being applied in the optimal position. Old technology creates a barrier, so we designed a completely redesigned new system. Our new and unique solution has a specific shape that allows us to apply the corrugated to the exact center of the bag without any interference with the cylinder. This revolutionary connection ensures a better load. The bag deflates more easily and is inflated proportionally and with greater precision. This translates into precise and safe buoyancy control.

Strike plate with simplified band passage.
Nobody likes it when the tank isn't stable. This is due to the single cylinder closure band applied to the plastic backrests of most BCDs on the market. To avoid this problem we have equipped the GHOST system with a very light metal backplate. You'll wonder what could be so innovative about a single cylinder plate: we did it! Thanks to its innovative design it is possible to easily and quickly adjust the two fixing bands to the cylinder.

Unique "3D Mesh" padding
GHOST is equipped with excellent backplate padding made of unique 3D Mesh material. Unlike neoprene, 3D Mesh has a neutral buoyancy and does not compress as the depth increases. This special material will maintain the same comfort at any depth. While the neoprene or padded foams used in traditional BCDs become less comfortable as the pressure increases.

New shape. "Dead zones" reduced by 90%
Inside the bag we have reduced the "dead zones" to an absolute minimum, this translates into great buoyancy and a very compact external shape. What does this mean for the user? Being a much more compact bag than competing bags, hydrodynamic friction is significantly lower. Furthermore, the GHOST bag offers over 17 liters of buoyancy! When you are on the surface, the entire bag remains underwater. This allows you to maintain a perfectly vertical position.


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