Through meticulous design, applying advanced material technology and engineering expertise, the NX Series ZEN will make us truly feel at one with the aquatic world. The deluxe version has padded and adjustable/detachable shoulder straps.

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The NX Zen's bladder is deliberately narrow so it doesn't protrude out the side of the tank. This brings advantages in improving buoyancy control, reducing any risk of entanglement and significantly reducing drag; in fact, the lower friction improves our gas consumption, allowing longer and safer dives. Traditional bags have a large central "dead zone". No air pockets, just fabric. By using this space more effectively, we have significantly reduced the dead zone by reducing the overall size of the bag.


The narrowing of the bag makes buoyancy control more precise. The shape of the bag also adds stability (due to reduced air migration) and easier balance adjustment. When exploring a shipwreck or coral reef, you need to be free from entanglements. This is the strength of the NX ZEN design. Like the NX Project, the NX ZEN is thread and gasket free. The material is resistant to any force and the direct welding of the control to the bag ensures a robust and direct connection for maximum performance. The bag also has a lower "dead zone". The air circulation flows around the bag and the tank is more efficient and balanced to help you achieve perfect trim .


For the first time, we have created an ergonomic and anatomical backrest for the back. By widening the upper part of the backplate, a better distribution of weight during the dive and a reduction of the load from the lumbar region was achieved. The design of the bottom plate distributes the load comfortably - allowing optimal attachment of weight pockets and accessories. Furthermore, the back pad is padded with a soft fabric which improves your comfort, whether in shorts or with a dry suit. The padding helps prevent any small movement of the backplate against your back, adding to the stability and safety.


The design of the back plate has brought important improvements in the donning phase of the system: when the harness is unfastened, the shoulder straps are 20% longer than the classic harness. This creates more space if you have limited shoulder movement . Furthermore, the "V" shape in the groin area will be more comfortable, eliminating the passage of the single strap directly between the legs. Whether walking with your gear to dive into the water, or using a DPV scooter around a coral reef, you will immediately feel the benefit.


  • perfect for diving in any conditions | wreck
  • use with single cylinder , up to 18L (Ø 140 mm - 240 mm)
  • bag: 19 Kg (42 lbs) made of 1100 denier Cordura with toroidal double bag structure
  • weight (dry): 1.1 kg
  • internal bag made of 440 denier nylon
  • distance between the backrest holes: 28 cm
  • harness with quick release buckle (including shoulders)
  • 2 sizes: "S" for those under 175 cm tall | "L" for those over 175cm tall
  • harness adjustment via lead clips with serrated teeth, easy to reach
  • modular weight pockets (up to 16 kg capacity)
  • back padding and shoulder straps
  • "V" crotch harness with 2 "D" rings on the sides
  • weight (without weights): 3.2 kg
  • loading/unloading control: K-type with pressure support from 6 to 17 BAR (250 PSI)


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