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This brand new mask from Apeks is considered the ultimate in comfort.

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Lightweight, frameless, with two incredible lens options and a high-quality silicone skirt that guarantees exceptional comfort and fit. You can also choose between Pure Clear lenses for maximum visual clarity or UV Cut lenses to protect your eyes from harmful sun rays (HEV) on the surface


  • The frameless construction guarantees lightness and reduced internal volume, making the mask easy to empty and equalise.
  • Two lens options: Pure Clear lenses ensure maximum visual clarity without distortion. UV Cut lenses protect the eyes from harmful solar rays (HEV) present even on cloudy days, ideal for professional divers who spend long periods of time on the surface.
  • The unique facepiece geometry is designed to minimize pressure on the face during long duration dives.
  • The quick-release buckles with stainless steel roller allow quick adjustment of the strap for an ideal fit, even when wearing waterproof gloves.
  • The alternation of opaque and shiny areas on the skirt guarantees an excellent seal and improves fit and comfort.
  • Premium quality medical grade silicone, available in solid colors black and white.
  • Supplied with a comfortable silicone strap and an additional neoprene strap, all in a reusable protective zippered case.
  • Designed and produced in Italy.

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