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Made from recycled plastic bottles - 80% polyester / 20% elastane for stretch - Slim Fit - Provides protection from the sun

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They are designed to be worn providing total UV protection, ward off jellyfish stings or add an extra layer under your wetsuit. The range offers contoured or larger cuts to suit different fit and style needs. The collection is also completed by leggings for women.

  • The fabric is made of 80% polyester and 20% elastane. Polyester helps keep colors fresh and bright and increases resistance to chlorine. The nylon-elastene blend is breathable, flexible and grippy when wet. It also dries very quickly
  • All Aqua Lung rash guards provide SPF50+ UV protection, enough to prevent sunburn but comfortable enough to be worn directly on the skin
  • On shaped cuts, the back is longer for added coverage and protection
  • On the front there is a fabric ring to attach the rash guard to the swimsuit, thus keeping it in position
  • A small collar protects the back of the neck from chafing during snorkeling or diving in temperate waters and helps retain heat when the garment is used as an undersuit
  • For women, a wide range of leggings are available to complete your outfit. They can be worn for protection during surface activities, as well as under a wetsuit during a dive


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