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Legend Elite Black Edition with octopus

The LEG3ND ELITE grants divers unprecedented possibilities, providing perfect precision and improved ergonomics at their fingertips. Experienced divers will appreciate the micro-adjustments to fine-tune everything to their specific breathing needs and preferences.

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First Stage

  • When the first stage is not connected to the cylinder valve, the Auto Closure Device (ACD) automatically seals it, preventing the accidental entry of water or foreign bodies. Maintains internal lubrication. Keeps the inlet filter clean and dry. Safer and higher oxygen percentages.
  • Exceptional performance in cold waters is guaranteed by the modernization of the 3 Aqua Lung anti-freeze properties:
    1. Where there is no humidity there is no ice: the Leg3nd's integrated dry chamber keeps the internal components clean and dry by isolating them from the external environment.
    2. The deep ribs create a large heat exchange surface, which helps prevent ice formation.
    3. The new overmolded cap delays ice formation on the outer membrane.
  • Surpression effect
  • Progressive increase in working pressure to maintain optimal breathing efforts: depending on the diver's depth, the working pressure of the first stage is automatically raised to counteract the increase in breathing air density.
  • Ergonomically shaped DIN and INT bindings made with a bi-material “Soft Grip” surface offer a better hold and easy maneuverability, especially with cold hands.
  • Ducted INT connection to prevent water retention.
  • ACD dust cap attached to the body of the dispenser to protect it from accidental entry of external agents and protect the ACD system from impacts.
  • The perfectly positioned HP and MP outlets allow for optimal hose management.

Second Stage

  • New front cover opening channels allow water to flow laterally past the membrane
    • Radial vents prevent continuous delivery during drift diving
    • Widened openings to reduce peak respiratory flow by an impressive 20%
  • New overmolded elastomer flush button with “soft touch” effect
    • The large surface makes it easier to empty the dispenser
    • Deep purge regulator optimizes airflow with minimal effort
    • The patented Confo-Bite mouthpiece reduces jaw fatigue and secures the second stage more comfortably
    • The removable and reusable mouthpiece clamp allows for quick replacement without tools and without wasting plastics
    • The enlarged heat exchanger helps prevent freezing of the second stage mechanism
    • Air channel deflector
      • Directs the airflow evenly during the inhalation phase
      • The optimized bi-material baffle reduces exhalation effort
      • Flexible and lightweight Aqua Flex hose (only 132 g) with double protection


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