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The X Shot fins represent an evolution in the field of diving. The successful technologies of Slingshot and Hot Shot have been incorporated into the X Shot to offer the best in comfort and performance, through innovations such as the direct connection between blade and liner to reduce foot and toe fatigue and the Power Transmission Zone for an efficient kick. The X Shot comes with the Adjustable Spring Strap Aqua Lung, which is easy to put on and take off. This fin is the latest in hybrid technologies, guaranteeing an easy and at the same time powerful kick.

  • The Power Zone, positioned at the beginning of the foot pocket, integrates two "V Boosters", which give more power to the kick with less effort
  • The Power Zone connects the blade to the foot pocket, reducing fatigue and maximizing energy transfer to the blade
  • The new spring strap features a soft elastomeric heel pad combined with Aqua Lung's proprietary buckles
  • The liner is equipped with a power transmission band, which secures the foot, avoiding unnecessary stretching of the liner during the power stride and thus optimizing energy transmission
  • The shovel is made of very elastic material which increases its efficiency
  • An elastic insert in the blade creates the "spoon effect" which collects more water with each stride, increasing the efficiency and stability of the kick
  • A customized inner sole provides a grip effect. This prevents wasting power from the boot moving laterally inside the boot pocket


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