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The Hydros backmount is perfect for deep technical diving with multiple decompression stages with the Hydros 50 set and advanced recreational diving with a twin-tank set or technical diving - up to a maximum of 2 stages - with the Hydros 40 set.

  • Better posture and great stability
    The XDEEP bag has been designed in such a way that the center of buoyancy is positioned exactly at the same level as the center of gravity of the gas in the cylinders. Thanks to this the posture does not change during the dive and remains the same with full and empty tanks. The special shape facilitates horizontal positioning
  • High surface position
    When the diver is on the surface in a vertical position, he will receive a greater push than other bags of the same size. This is because we have reduced the exposed part of the bag as much as possible. The special shape of the bag allows the buoyancy to be optimized to the maximum, especially if the diver uses heavy tanks, multi stage and dives in rough seas.
  • Easy access to taps
    To facilitate accessibility to the taps we have significantly reduced the "dead zones" in the upper part of the bag. The result obtained is that the diver will be able to perform V-Drill with extreme ease. Furthermore, we have reduced the upper part of the bag to a minimum to make the passage of the whips easier

The complete XDEEP kit, Hydros 40/50 features the following:

  • Hydros circuit board (with load of your choice)
Hydros 40 lbs (18Kg)
Hydros 50 lbs (22Kg)
  • manual
  • low pressure whisk
  • harness: in black TECal for the version with the aluminum backplate - TECsx for the version with the stainless steel backplate.
    weight of the complete set:
3.1Kg for Hydros 40
3.2Kg for Hydros 50
  • Toroidal wing backrest
  • external fabric: Cordura 1100 dTEX
  • internal fabric: Nylon 440 dTEX
  • inflation via K-Type, pressure: 6 - 17 bar (250PSI)
  • Backrest weight:
    • 1.2Kg for Hydros 40
    • 1.3Kg for Hydros 50
  • double tank (diameter: 140 mm - 240 mm): Hydros 40: 2x 15L
    Hydros 50: 2x 18L

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